Friend's Challenges: Brian's Intimidating List

First, an update on my other friends' challenges.

Dave is doing a good job giving up vaping when he drinks. I used to smoke cigarettes and, while I smoked more when I drank, it was never something I could do only then. I had to smoke all of the time or I was miserable. So it seems like if you can only do it while you're drinking, it should be easy to quit. But that doesn't mean it's not tough for Dave! Right now, as far as I know, it looks like this month is going to be a win for him. 

I've been smoke-free for about five years now. I used auriculotherapy and it worked very well - twice. Because sometimes it's not so much that you fail, it's just that you're really dumb. But I'm smarter now and will never smoke another cigarette, I promise. 

And Katy started her blog! You can read about life with animals on a nature reserve at Behrer Home for Wayward Fowl. Katy's blogged about chopping wood, raising chickens, and planning for some HUGE gardens for this coming growing season. Talk about a challenge! And, if you need a break from all that work, Katy's husband posts a beer review every Friday. 

But the prize for most ambitious challenges has to go to Brian. Brian gave himself a lot of challenges in 2014, all in quantities of 14. Now it's 2015 and the challenge has increased accordingly. 

Brian said he has copies of this list all over his house, so he doesn't forget his goals. 

Brian said he has copies of this list all over his house, so he doesn't forget his goals. 

Here's Brian's 2015 list:

  1. Read 15 poems a day
  2. Read 1 short story a day
  3. Read 15 lines of Greek a day
  4. Read 15 "big" novels and 85 other books
  5. Look at 15 paintings a day
  6. Listen to 15 minutes of music a day I otherwise would not listen to.
  7. Try 15 new things
  8. Go to 15 places I have never been
  9. Visit 15 State or National Parks
  10. Lose 15 pounds
  11. Complete on 15 mile run
  12. Go on 15 good dates
  13. Inspire 15 people
  14. Write letters to 15 "old" friends
  15. Write 15 short stories 

Five of these (1, 2, 3, 5 and 6) are daily challenges I would find totally overwhelming! So I'm super impressed that Brian seems to get them done most days. 

Others are things I think I might like to take on for a week, such as looking at 15 painting and listening to music I don't otherwise listen to. Brian's told me that some days, he starts looking at paintings and ends up looking at 100 instead of 15, and I know I would end up listening to more than 15 minutes of music. 

Some of Brian's challenges seem nearly impossible to me, such as 15 good dates and inspiring 15 people. Not that they're not good goals, but I imagine Brian going on 100 dates in order to get 15 good ones (that was my dating experience back in the day, anyhow). And how do you know if you've inspired someone, unless they tell you? Are you allowed to ask? Inspiring others is an interesting thing, probably deserving of more thought. 

#9, to visit 15 State or National Parks, is a semi-secret goal of mine, too. I've had it in my mind for a while now that I'd like to try to visit every Missouri State Park. I've been to quite a few and loved them all. National Parks would be neat, too, but would require much more travel, and there are already so many trips I want to make. But Missouri Parks seem doable. 

#7 is interesting to me, too. Try 15 new things. Since Brian didn't specify, I guess any "thing" will qualify. Last year I tried snowboarding, decluttering, traveling on reward points, and blogging. There are probably other things I've forgotten, but this has me wondering how many new things I actually tackle in any given year. 

No matter how you look at it, this is an ambitious list of personal challenges. We can probably all find something on this list we'd like to do, and something we wouldn't. I find the list in itself to be inspiring, so if you do, too, perhaps we can help Brian with his goal to inspire 15 people. :)