Janathon 2015: Days 10 & 11 (Fail and less fail)

Of course I miss a day when it's not only my challenge for the month, but also my challenge for the week. I missed Saturday. Basically on Saturdays I sleep, work, then sleep again. I was exhausted when I got home from work, so instead of heading out into the dark and the cold, I ate and went to bed. I suck.



Today, I took the dog for a short walk in a cold rain after work. The rain was supposed to be freezing into ice, but the temp is holding just above freezing. I was considering walking in place in the house if that was the case, in order to avoid a trip to the gym. 

Let me tell you, the dog is NOT a fan of walking in the house. 

She wasn't happy about one rainy mile, either, but she'll live. Maybe I should get her a rain coat. 

What to do about Saturdays... In my work week, it's really more like Wednesday, but worse. If you worked late on Monday and Tuesday, and early on Thursday and Friday, and Wednesday was squished between. What to do, what to do...