Decluttering: Day Two - Kitchen

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Turns out our kitchen isn't in that bad of shape. We went through everything relatively recently when we switched around a bunch of storage spaces. Still, I found a few things, and added in the book I finished reading last night.

Day 2 Stuff

Day 2 Stuff

  • Fireplace matches (we don't have a working fireplace)
  • 3 aluminum drinking cups
  • 2 water bottles (one brand new; one that leaks)
  • 3 Mason jars (already claimed)
  • 1 book (Wonderland by Stacey D'Erasmo)

I looked around the office, too, but didn't really find much there, either. Which means I'm going to have either go downstairs or up into the attic. I guess I'll choose based on the weather. No doubt I'll find plenty of things to get rid of either way. 

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