Decluttering: Day One

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Posting the stuff I'm getting rid of turns out to be a little embarrassing! Not that I'm getting rid of anything particularly awful. Still, why did I keep this stuff in the first place?

I've got, in no particular order:

Free to good home: miscellaneous junk

Free to good home: miscellaneous junk

  • 2 bottles of dry shampoo (one regular, one sample) (this is how often I use dry shampoo: never)
  • 1 sample bottle of dry conditioner (same deal, don't use, ever)
  • a belt I bought and never wore (damn Kickstarter campaigns!)
  • an old silver dish with lid (very tarnished)
  • 2 headphones I either don't like (or maybe they're broken, I'm not sure)
  • 2 packages of incense and 1 jar of incense cones
  • 2 magnetic note pads (where do those things come from???)
  • 1 luggage tag
  • 1 old pair of sunglasses
  • 2 things that will convert an android charger to iPhone (we don't own any Apple products)
  • 1 lanyard for a jump drive I don't have

So more than seven things, but I wasn't going to stop just because I hit my goal. I found stuff in the bathroom, the china cabinet and in the office. It feels good to get rid of this stuff.

I also took some of our "good" cloth napkins down to the laundry room to be bleached, and I threw away/recycled some miscellaneous coupons, papers, and other unusable things I found. And while I was at it, I rinsed and put away a bunch of empty beer bottles that Eric will use for his home brew. (Shout out to Kyle Myerscough for rinsing AND taking the labels off the bottles he gave us!)

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