Exercises: Day Four

(Two days after I posted this, I realized I had the day wrong. Oops!)

I'm back in the sit-up business! My tail bone recovery was much better than that time I slid down a flight of concrete stairs – no hand rail, alcohol and flip-flops are not a good combination. I was so scared I literally peed my pants. And then it was a long recovery, but luckily only my tail bone and my ego were hurt.

Anyhow, 15 sit-ups today, no problem. 15 push-ups off the back of the chair, and a minute of plank, which was a bit more difficult because of the sit-up success, went off without any issues.


Since I didn't have a lot of time between work yesterday and today, I expected to feel terrible when I got home today, but I didn't. I'm not sure where the energy comes from (maybe from exercise!), but I usually have a bit more left in me that I think I will.

Which is one good thing about this sort of challenge. I had to do the exercises (or fail for no good reason), so I did them, and it went better than I thought it would. This continually amazes me. Which should tell you I have a long history of laziness.

Right now I'm excited about this blog and want to write every day, but I'm sure there'll come a point when it feels like work, work I want to skip. But I'll persevere, because I know I can make myself push through tiredness, boredom, laziness, etc.

It took me 40 years to figure this out. I hope it doesn't take you that long.

Next Week

This cat is self-cleaning. So is the guy in the background. 

This cat is self-cleaning. So is the guy in the background. 

Planning ahead for next week... I'm thinking about something household related. Maybe cleaning the kitchen every day (dishes, counters, floors, and so on). Or getting rid of seven things a day. Perhaps giving all the cats baths. Or maybe I'll just stick with the kitchen.