Sugar: Day Seven!


These chickens are not only pretty, they're funny.

These chickens are not only pretty, they're funny.

I made it! And none the worse off for having avoided sugar all week. I did drink another Diet Coke yesterday. But other than that and the one on the first day, I had nothing else. 

I lost 2.5 pounds over the course of the week, too. Since I started tracking my calories in March, I've lost a total of 26.4 pounds. It's hard to believe I was carrying that much extra weight, and I've still got a lot to go, but I'm celebrating every step along the way. 

And their eggs are pretty, tasty and sugar-free. 

And their eggs are pretty, tasty and sugar-free. 

What I Learned

Giving up sugar was toughest in the first few days.

Being around sugary treats makes this a gazillion times more difficult, and this knowledge makes me want to recommit to not having treats around the house, something I used to do but somehow got away from. If I want something sweet, I have to go get it and eat it somewhere else. 

I didn't have as much energy as usual during the first part of the week, but by the weekend, I was back to normal. Probably just the time it took my body to adapt to different energy sources. 

I slept better and I feel a lot better in general.

Strategy Going Forward

I'm going to adopt my old practice of not having treats in the house and going out for them when I really want them. This works well for me because I'm not likely to take the trouble to go out. 

I might try picking one day a week on which I eat whatever I want (a cheat day, or treat day, in this case) and avoiding sugar the rest of the days.

I'll continue to buy breads, sauces, etc. that don't contain added sugar. 

And we'll see... This is a tough one for me!

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