Sugar: Day Six - Going Out

I ate breakfast/lunch and dinner out yesterday. I still think I did okay, but it's much harder to know when you're not the one cooking. 

Breakfast was at First Watch, a breakfast place near where I work. I had an omelette, breakfast potatoes, and some fruit. Dinner was outside at a concert, prepared by friends (thanks, Katy and Schyler!). We had roasted chicken, squash, cauliflower (first time I've ever had it cooked on a grill), bread and cheese. 

29 grams of sugar, mostly from the fruit. Not too bad. 

We also saw the Blue Canyon Boys, a bluegrass band, perform. They put on a fun show, and they're all very talented. Nothing beats live music in an outdoor venue with good friends and food! 

Blue Canyon Boys performing in Labadie, Missouri

Blue Canyon Boys performing in Labadie, Missouri

It's interesting the extent to which sugar and sweets have become part of our lives. I probably would have take something sweet for dessert yesterday, had I not been avoiding sugar. Jelly for our toast, sugar for coffee, maple syrup... there are as many sweet options for breakfast as there are savory. Not to mention the breads that have added sugar (most of them). It's crazy. 

One more day of no sugar, then I'll have to decide if I want to keep this up!

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