Sugar: Day Two

Day Two

Day two was easier. I worked, so there were lots of tempting sugary things around, but it's easy to "no" when "no" is the only thing you can say. Which, I suppose, is why restrictive diets work for a while. 


I stayed away from fruit for the most part, although, I'm still not convinced that too much fruit is bad for me. Sure, too much juice or too much dried fruit - I believe in getting all the benefits of whatever I'm eating (although I'll never turn down truly fresh-squeezed orange juice). 

I had some raw cauliflower and a handful of baby carrots, and then non-sugary foods like pizza and bread with natural peanut butter, and my sugar grams came in at 26! 


I had plenty of energy, but it seemed about the same as usual. What I did notice was that I didn't get as hungry as I usually do. Usually at work, I am starving before my break (unfortunately, an hour before) and again before the end of my shift. I was hungry during those times yesterday, but not as much as usual. Of course, I also worked a slightly shorter shift, so that could have something to do with it. 


My Fitness Pal daily nutrition view. And the ad that came with it. 

My Fitness Pal daily nutrition view. And the ad that came with it. 

Yesterday I thought I'd try to post a photo of something I had resisted eating, but then one of my friends told me she'd be doing the challenge with me (thanks, Sam!). So then my original plan seemed kind of mean. I guess it's okay to torture myself, but not my friends. So I'm going to stick with photos of the nutrition screen from MyFitnessPal. 

Sugar was a win on that one, but I'm low on protein (which should be easy to fix), calcium and iron (I take supplements) and high on sodium, which is on my mind because Dave, my month-long challenge coworker and friend, is trying to keep his sodium down. 

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