Sugar: Day One

Dear Diet Coke: You Suck

I survived! I didn't eat any sugar yesterday, but I did break down and drink a Diet Coke. Technically no sugar in there, but tons of artificial sweetener and other nasty things I don't want. 

If you have this much Diet Coke in your house, you may have a problem. 

If you have this much Diet Coke in your house, you may have a problem. 

The funny thing about Diet Coke is that I hadn't been drinking it for years, but started again this year. A long time ago, maybe 12 years or so, Diet Coke replaced regular Coke and I lost some weight all was good in the world. Then I gave soda up completely at some point. I can't even remember why now, but I drank iced tea when I went out and somehow I got through those years just fine.

Then in June, we visited our friend, Aaron, who mostly follows a low-carb diet. So when Aaron goes out on the lake, he takes cans of diet soda and a flask. You technically can't have hard alcohol out there and he can't take beer, so he takes a drink of soda, adds some whiskey to the can, and he's good!

We though that was a great idea. Everyone knows beer has a ton of calories, so we decided to cut back on our beer consumption and try Aaron's trick at home. Which was great - we lost a little weight! - except now there's Diet Coke in the house. ALL THE TIME.

I still don't drink as much Diet Coke as I used to, not even one a day, but sometimes I just feel compelled to drink one, which is what happened yesterday. So even though I'm not giving up Diet Coke, I feel like I failed to overcome an urge for a sweet-ish thing. 

Otherwise, the day was fine. I ate some grapes and a handful of cherry tomatoes, but nothing non-fruit with sugar crossed my lips. I ended up with 43 grams of sugar on MFP. The American Heart Association says the maximum you should get in a day is 25 grams, so my number still seems like a lot. I'm going to skip the grapes today and we'll see how that comes out...

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