Gratitude List: Day Six

A mix of wedding stuff and a costume party...

  1. My "People of Wal-Mart" costume coming together
  2. Fake eyelashes that stay on overnight
  3. Hair spray (haven't said that in a looong time)
  4. Any excuse to wear slippers outside of the house
  5. Looking awesome at least once a year (thanks, Paula!)
  6. Blue eye shadow
  7. Velour track suits
  8. Wedding cake (although I can do without fondant!)
  9. An open bar at Flying Saucer (thanks, Kirk and Susan!)
  10. The sonic jewelry cleaner Patrick made me buy (thanks, Patrick!)
  11. Lip stain
  12. All my wonderful friends, on Facebook and off
  13. Everyone reading this blog
  14. My upcoming opportunity to work on (and hopefully finish) my novel
  15. Audio books
  16. Naps
  17. The dog's appetite for cat puke
  18. French fries and mayo (thanks, Belgium!)
  19. Mullet wigs (for Eric)
  20. Wigs in general (might be time to have another wig party!)
At Susan and Kirk McLean's wedding yesterday

At Susan and Kirk McLean's wedding yesterday

People of Wal-Mart costume

People of Wal-Mart costume

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