Challenges I'm Considering

***I'm adding new potential challenges to the list as I get suggestions!***

This is what I've got so far. Lots of ideas, no organization or order. I'm thinking about sticking with the following categories: Finance, Fitness, Diet, Literary, Household, Relationships. 1 and 33 are already happening or finished. I'll put everything I've already attempted in bold. 

This list will probably tell you too much about what I do too much of (eat and drink) and not enough of (exercise, clean, brush my teeth). Some of these are things I've done before that were difficult, such as the green tea fast, but also rewarding. There's something kind of liberating about not having to sit down and eat meals. Of course, there are also downsides that keep me from doing it again. Like food.

I've gotten a lot of good ideas just by talking about the blog. If you have suggestions or ideas, I'd love to hear them.


These are the categories I'm trying to stick with. I'll go in order, starting with an exercise challenge, every six weeks.

  1. Exercise
  2. Household
  3. Mental Health
  4. Diet
  5. Something Creative
  6. Social/Educational

The List

  1. 15 situps, push ups, 60 second plank

  2. Get rid of 7 things a day

  3. List 20 things a day that I'm grateful for

  4. Eat no sugar

  5. Read a poem every day  and write a response

  6. No social media

  7. Exercise every day

  8. Kitchen cleaning challenge

  9. Meditate/meditation challenge

  10. SNAP Challenge (eat on $4.50 a day)

  11. Write every day (David Wellington's Fear Project)

  12. Personal Social Challenges

  13. Snowboarding Exercises

  14. Photographs and Snowboarding (Vail Trip)

  15. Say nothing critical

  16. Healthy Snacks

  17. Holiday Decluttering: One Thing In, One Thing Out

  18. Dream Trips

  19. Exercise Every Day/Janathon

  20. Declutter the Laundry Room

  21. Write affirmations 

  22. Eat 9 servings of veggies a day

  23. Watch 6 movies

  24. Watch TED Talks on Disease

  25. Start Something You've Been Putting Off

  26. Recaulk the Bathroom and Kitchen

  27. Study Mindfulness Practice

  28. Practice Mindful Eating

  29. Mindful Eating

  30. Look at a painting and write a response

  31. Wear No Makeup

  32. 21-Day Meditation Experience

  33. Morning Routine

  34. Freezer Cleanup

  35. Sign up for a class

  36. Spend nothing

  37. Eat no wheat

  38. Read a book

  39. Read a short story every day

  40. Climb the stairs every day until winded

  41. Call someone every day

  42. Write a note to someone every day

  43. Clean the kitchen every day

  44. Make the bed every day

  45. Brush my teeth twice a day every day

  46. Drink no alcohol

  47. Green tea fast

  48. Fruit and veggie fast

  49. Don't read anything

  50. One hour in the morning on whatever is most important

  51. drink enough water

  52. send a postcard

  53. write Eric a note every day

  54. go somewhere I've never been every day

  55. new recipe every day

  56. cook with one (the same) ingredient every day

  57. wear the same outfit every day

  58. Julia Cameron's “morning pages” every day

  59. Eat only raw food

  60. No texting

  61. No phone on my lunch break

  62. no self-deprecation for 7 days straight (out loud or internal mumbling counts)

  63. Tell yourself something positive about yourself every day and repeat it out loud until you believe it

  64. tell a person close to you something that you've been afraid to say for a long time (doesn't have to be something bad - it could be really good actually)

  65. Find a way to like something that you've always hated (beets, cab rides, politics, standardized tests, wine coolers, etc.) (Ed: Not my list, btw! I hate excess paperwork, cilantro, rabbit ear wine openers, weeds, clutter, and complaining.)

  66. Take a photograph of something in nature every day

  67. Write about people I'm grateful for and why

  68. Get 20,000 steps every day

  69. Draw something every day

  70. Write about someone I know and why they are awesome

  71. Watch a movie every day (maybe a curated list from someone else?)

  72. Watch an hour of comedy every day

  73. Go to the gym every day

  74. Do the SNAP challenge at different grocery stores

  75. post something on every social media outlet every day

  76. Take a class

  77. Learn a new skill

  78. Zero Waste Week

Ed doesn't care what's next on the list, he's not getting any closer to the water. 

Ed doesn't care what's next on the list, he's not getting any closer to the water. 

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