Gratitude List: Day Five

  1. Long runs (and getting them out of the way early - thanks, sam!)
  2. Puppies! (we met a Burmese baby and an English bulldog baby today)
  3. People in the city who say hello when you pass them
  4. That one woman in Clayton who said hello and let us meet her puppy
  5. Ducks
  6. Baby ducks
  7. Forest Park Forever, for all the work they've done to make Forest Park a really neat place
  8. New paved trails and sidewalks
  9. Smoothies
  10. Cool fall weather
  11. Losing weight
  12. Caffeine
  13. Those five minutes of the run when the dog doesn't pull
  14. People who stop to let you go at crosswalks
  15. Those five minutes when I find being passed by other runners inspiring rather than irritating
  16. The knowledge that because I ran for two hours now I can eat pretty much whatever I want for the rest of the day
  17. Beer!
  18. Wedding cake
  19. Getting my hair AND makeup done by someone else (thanks, Susan! and Paula)
  20. Having found a good costume for a people of Wal-Mart party

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