Gratitude List: Day Three

  1. Dreams (when I remember them)
  2. Cat pictures on the internet
  3. "Googling" things
  4. Eric (for being a great husband - and he is also a running partner and he goes and gets coffee, so he's all-around awesome)
  5. The Labrador puppies my parents raised when I was a kid
  6. Generally being on time for things and not procrastinating too much (I think this is part luck and part skill)
  7. Living somewhere where I can dry laundry on a line outside when I want to
  8. Float trips
  9. Camping
  10. Hiking 
  11. Living near a ton of great hiking trails
  12. The book on fermentation my brother and his wife gave us a thank-you for wedding help
  13. The laser printer that replaced my old ink-guzzling inkjet
  14. The trip to the Netherlands and Belgium we got to go on last year (thanks, Mom and Dad!)
  15. Trips in general (thanks, credit card reward points!)
  16. The typing class I took in high school
  17. Being able to ride a bike
  18. Living near a couple old friends (Hi Jean! Hi Dan!)
  19. Living in a city with a lot of cool stuff (the Arch, City Museum, MoBot)
  20. Amtrak, because riding the train is awesome


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