Week 3: Gratitude Lists: Day One

Since I've done something physical (sit-ups, push-ups and plank) and something household related (decluttering), this week I'm going to do something emotional/spiritual/psychological (not sure what you'd call it). 

Every day this week, I'm going to list 20 things for which I'm grateful.

People do gratitude lists for many reasons, for something as a serious as a recovery program and something as a silly as being tagged on Facebook. Some people keep ongoing gratitude lists that span many years. 

I'm going to try to keep one for seven days.

Day One

  1. my pets
  2. my husband, Eric
  3. home internet
  4. laptops
  5. running
  6. my health
  7. tea in the morning
  8. my home
  9. my comfy bed
  10. living in a safe neighborhood
  11. good beer
  12. this blog
  13. my reliable car
  14. good friends
  15. the deck
  16. hardwood floors
  17. ibuprophen
  18. lip gloss
  19. reusable bags
  20. slippers
21. Peaceful coves on lakes

21. Peaceful coves on lakes

Big things and little things, but my life is better for all of them. Just the idea of living without ibuprophen scares me. 

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