Decluttering: Day Four - Office Supplies

Wednesday is the second day of my work week, so I keep mistakenly labeling things that happen on Wednesday as "Day 2." I freaked myself out just now thinking I'd missed a day. When it turned out I had labeled two posts "Day 2." 

I'd like to say this rarely happens. But I can't. 

My Day 4 (ha!) haul was mostly done this morning, but not completed until I got home and Eric gave me a hand. Here's what we've got:

  • An old scale (thanks, Eric!)
  • An electric typewriter (I have the cover, too, but took it off for the photo.)
  • 9 packages of mechanical pencils
  • 10 packages of regular paperclips
  • A box of plastic CD covers
  • A small striped clipboard
  • A bag of lip gloss
I'm feeling lighter already!

I'm feeling lighter already!

It's a lot of stuff, but I feel better if there are seven bullet-points. 

Now I feel compelled to give you the history of some of this stuff.

We got married in St. Thomas and they required that our marriage application be typed on a typewriter. So we picked this puppy up at a thrift store for $10 and it's been gathering dust for, oh, 11 years now. 

I bought some office supplies in bulk. Some, like scotch tape and printer paper, were good investments. Others, not so much. Actually, those are only half of the paper clips I have. 

Remember when we used to listen to CDs and copy them for our friends? Yeah, me neither. 

Clip board - who knows?

At some point I started reacting to medicated lip balm. Now I can only use the unmedicated stuff or my lips swell up, in a Botox-type way, which - call me crazy - isn't something I want. Also it burns. 

But don't worry. Even with this purge, I still have a LOT of lip gloss. 

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