Decluttering: Days Five & Six

Some days are harder than others... 

Yesterday was all running, taking care of a friend's dog, and bachelorette party stuff for my friend, Susan, who is getting married next weekend. No time for getting rid of stuff.

So, two days worth of stuff today:

'Bye, stuff! So long!

'Bye, stuff! So long!

  • 4 usb hubs
  • 2 laptop keyboards (who knows what for)
  • 2 aquarium lights
  • a green thing with a black handle (Eric donated this find)
  • a book for CDs
  • a bunch of small, silver frames
  • a small tri-fold frame
  • an electric pencil sharpener (that would see to be the perfect counterpart for the many boxes of mechanical pencils we saw the other day!)
  • 2 old wood frames
  • a bunch of miscellaneous phone and computer cords

Whew! This almost completely cleaned off two shelves in the laundry room! Two more days off stuff and maybe I'll have more stuff that I need. :)

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