Decluttering: Day Three - Basement

Day 3 of Week 2: Decluttering! The title probably should be "Basement Part 1." There is a lot of stuff down there! And I seem to have some sort of block telling me it's all Eric's stuff. I guess we'll find out when I start getting rid of it! 

But here's what I found for today, things that I'm pretty sure are neutrally owned. 

  • a large dark glass candle holder
  • 3 milk jars
  • an old shower caddy (missing the rubber part that keeps it from sliding)
  • a three compartment flowered dish
  • a stack of glass coasters with definitions of words related to drunkenness 
  • a table cloth with stains I can't get out

I'm counting the milk jars as 3 things; otherwise I'd only have 6. As always, if you see something you want, let me know. Otherwise I'm donating everything. 

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