Starting is the Hardest Part

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
Robert F. Kennedy


Many times I've told myself, “If you're not failing at something, you're probably not trying hard enough.” Usually this comes right after I fail at something, which is a pretty convenient way to look at things.

But sometimes I look back over the last six months, or even the last year, and find I have to dig deep for those failures. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean I've become really amazingly great at everything. It means I'm only doing things I'm already good at, or come easily to me. Or – sigh – I'm not doing much at all.


So when a coworker of mine told me he was doing 12 one-month challenges this year, it caught my attention. He struggles, succeeds, sometimes fails, but no matter how his challenges turn out, he learns something, either about the challenge itself (crackers are NOT gluten free just because someone who eats a gluten free diet brought them to a party) or about himself (for some of us, it's more difficult to read a novel in a month than it is to not eat meat for a month). It got me thinking...

One of the things I've always thought about doing, but hadn't yet, was to start a blog. Partly this non-starting was due to fear of the unknown. No one will read my blog, I won't have time to maintain it, I will get in silly internet arguments with my readers in the comments, etc. But also there was the issue of what I would write about. Life in general seemed too vague, my cats sleep most of the time, my job is off limits, and I wasn't doing anything worth blogging about. Until I started thinking about failure and small challenges.

Leroy fails at getting into a box

Leroy fails at getting into a box

52 Small Challenges

The idea is to take my coworker's monthly challenges, turn them into something weekly, and blog about the results. Voila! 52 Small Challenges is born.

52 weeks of small, one-week challenges, along with posts about small one-off challenges (asking to work fewer hours at work, for example), longer challenges that take more than a week (running a half-marathon in the fall), and the challenges of my friends.

Hopefully 1) I'll have readers, and 2) you'll enjoy reading about my challenges. But if not, then at least at the end of the year I'll be able to say I started a blog, completed (or failed at) 52 challenges, and I can scratch that “start a blog” line off my list.

Starting is the Hardest Part

The truth is, I've been messing around with this blog, various challenges, and writing posts for a month now. It's about time I got over my fear of exposure and just posted something. So here goes! Check back tomorrow to read about my first challenge, an exercise challenge.