Social Challenge: Dream Trip - Rainforests of Brazil

Speaking of South American vacation destination, another one of my coworker/friends, Kristin, wants to visit the rain forests in Brazil. 

Rainforests cover 60% of Brazil and that includes the Amazon Rainforest, also known as THE rainforest. 

Earlier this year, I read Ann Patchett's novel State of Wonder, much of which is set in the Amazon. The novel paints the Amazon as a wild, fascinating, scary place. I like to visit places I've read about and vice versa, so I'm in! If I know I'll be travelling to an area, especially another country, I like to read novels that are either set there or written by someone from there. Travel guides are not the same, but I do buy and read those, too. I mean, I buy them and hope Eric reads them.

According to, the rainforests are not a popular tourism destination. Reasons include fear of drug activity around the Amazon, a lack of trustworthy information, and fear of dangerous animals. 

I'll admit I'm a little afraid of those things. There was a deadly snake in the Ann Patchett novel that sounded really scary, and I don't want to accidentally interfere with someone else's drug deal. Actually, I don't want to do that there or here. 

But a Google search for tours yields lots of options, including this Survival Trip that I now really want to go on. 

So I'd say "yes" to a rainforest tour in Brazil. And it's actually in South America, unlike Mexico, so it fits into my previous travel wishes. 


Week Eighteen: Social - Dream Trips

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico
  2. Rainforests of Brazil
  3. Scotland and Ireland (and why you might want to pick just one place)
  4. "Lots and Lots" of Africa
  5. China and First Class Travel