New Social Challenge: Dream Trips - Oaxaca, Mexico

We're back to the "Social" category, which is not my favorite and has caused me to want to change the blog before. 

But after I went through this last time,, I talked to some people and decided to leave things as they are, so here I am again, trying to be social and hating every second of it. 

This week my goal is to ask one or two people (originally it was strangers, but I don't think I have it in me to swing that) where they'd like to travel if they could go anywhere. A dream trip, free trip, no constraints kind of trip. 

Actually, I love to talk about travel and hear where people have been and where they want to go. I don't hate that at all. But I usually don't ask people every single day. 

Also, I don't know how I'd answer the question. I don't know if I could pick one trip I'd like to take above all others, but I'm asking other people to choose!

Today, a friend at work who goes by Fuji, chose Mexico, but not just anywhere (in particular, not a touristy beach destination). She was pretty sure the place she wanted to go started with an "O." Neither of us could remember the name of the corresponding city while we were talking about it, but I think it must be Oaxaca

Oaxaca is 300 miles south of Mexico City and 5000 feet above sea level. The city was founded in 1529, but has been inhabited since prehistoric times. You can visit several archaeological sites, including Monte Alban, the most famous.  Oaxaca is known for several types of foods, including mole sauce and spicy friend grasshoppers called chapulines. I wouldn't have been interested in chapulines at all before I took the bug eating class, but now I'm really curious. I'd eat them. I'd look forward to eating them. I might even enjoy eating them. 

A flight from St. Louis booked now for the beginning of March would cost you just under $800 and take about 9 hours of total travel time. 

Alban Pyramid

Alban Pyramid

Lonely Planet considers Oaxaca to be "one of Mexico's most captivating cities." You can read about Trip Advisor's Top 30 Attractions here

Would I go? Mexico in general has never been on my short list and I've given it little thought beyond "all-inclusive" considerations and that one time we crossed over from Arizona into Nogales. But I would love to see those ruins and the cuisine sounds fascinating. I'm sure I'd love it if I went. 

This is lame and I shouldn't admit it in a public place, although I'm sure I've verbally given away my ignorance countless times, but in my mind, Mexico is usually part of South America. Which is clearly wrong if you have a map and working long-term memory. So when I think about going to Mexico, I think "Why not go to Brazil? Or Argentina?" So I guess at heart I'm more interested in South America than I am in Mexico. 

But I would definitely go. :)

If you have a place you'd especially like to go, let me know! 


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