Holiday Decluttering Wrap-Up

I got some gift cards, food, drinks...things that don't count because they're consumable. And I got a few things I'll keep, which means I'll be getting rid of things. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to put everything away myself, so I'm sure I'm forgetting something. But for what I can recall getting, I'm sending something else on its way. 

We got two sets of beer glasses (weird and not weird all at the same time, given how much beer we drink), so I'm getting rid of a bunch of other beer glasses that we don't use. I got three new books, so three old ones are going. I got sticky notes (every Christmas, it seems) so I'm ditching a pile of note paper and sticky notes I found in my office. I also got a candle and a necklace, so an old candle and a bracelet are out. 

I've been through my jewelry a couple times now and I can say this definitely gets more difficult the longer you do it, if you're trying to do specific things. 

So long, stuff

So long, stuff

Some of my gifts weren't exactly consumable, but don't have counterparts already in the house. My mom gave me a second external battery, smaller than the one I have now, and I'm going to keep both of them. The new one is small enough I could carry it with my phone in my pocket. The old one can charge my phone five or six times. So they have different purposes. Kind of. 

I got a pair of headphone and I already have headphones, but they're kind of consumable because they break or I lose them, so I'm keeping the new ones for my next set.

Some things I didn't have before, so I thought about keeping them without getting rid of anything else, but that's kind of cheating, right? So for the two nightshirts I got, I'm getting rid of some work shirts I don't wear. And for the Bluetooth speaker, I'm getting rid of some random stuff from the bathroom, such as old nail polish and headbands I never wear. 

I have a pair of gloves that I didn't have before, but I'm not sure I'll like these enough to get rid of my other. They're finger-less gloves. If I end up wearing them a lot, I'll get rid of another pair. Gloves aren't something I keep around in excess quantities. 

Overall, I'd say the one-in/one-out policy worked pretty well. I don't feel bad about the stuff we did add to the collection. I'm not moving things around to other rooms in order to accommodate the new stuff. The process forced me think about what I wanted to keep. 

My only advice would be to do the decluttering as soon as you get back with your gifts. At the very least, do it as you're putting the new stuff away. 

Anyone need a pen?

Anyone need a pen?

PS - In an unrelated decluttering, Eric cleaned out his desk and found all the pens and pencils pictured in that box, which could be considered a start, except he brings pens home at an alarming rate. He also got rid of a big bag of papers. He tried to get rid of a green glass ashtray, but I stopped him. We have friends who smoke and it's nice to have an ashtray for outside gatherings. Baby steps, right?

PPS - One of our neighbors passed away (RIP Ron) and the guys cleaning his apartment filled the alley with his furniture. I didn't bring a single piece inside. I've been out to look three times and come back empty handed every time. We just don't need any furniture and none of the stuff out there was good enough to upgrade what we already have. 

PPPS - According to another neighbor, "they" took Ron's 13-year-old basset hound, Baxter, to a shelter. I feel terrible about that. 

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