Healthy Snacking and PMS Don't Mix

What was I thinking? I always crave sugar the week before my period starts.

I guess I was thinking that I have more will-power than I do. 

Look at those yolks! It looks like those chickens are snacking on the right things. 

Look at those yolks! It looks like those chickens are snacking on the right things. 

Anyhow, I had two successful days (Thursday and Friday), then failed again yesterday. I'd like to use the fact that I worked for 13 hours as my defense, but it started before I knew I'd have a long day. I'm still using that excuse to explain why I consumed nearly an entire container of chocolate covered sunflower seeds before I went to bed. 

Today should be better. PMS is over and, thanks to yesterday's work marathon, I only have to work a few hours today. 

Ways This Could Have Done Differently

I'm calling this week mostly a fail. At best, I will have succeeded three of seven days. FAIL!

So what would have helped me succeed? Dave, after all, hasn't screwed up once this month. Then again, he doesn't suffer from PMS, either. Still, PMS doesn't really excuse all those snacks. 

I should have followed these rules:

1. Don't Bring It Home - I broke the "don't bring it home" rule more than once. There are, as I type this, both M&Ms and chocolate sunflowers seed in the house. 

2. Don't Get Too Hungry - Twice when I had unhealthy snacks, I was hungry and ate what was available. 

3. Keep Fruit on Hand - I should have had grapes with me at all times. I love grapes.

If I'd followed those rules from the beginning, I might have been more successful. Remind me of this next time I try to eat healthy snacks. 


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