Healthy Snacking - One Day of Success!

One day is better than no days, right? And with three days to go in the week, I can turn this around, I'm sure of it. 

I only had one snack yesterday and it was a protein bar at work. Maybe not like the most healthiest snack ever, but it definitely was not peanut M&Ms. 

It's not a snack if it's breakfast!

It's not a snack if it's breakfast!

For years now, I've tried to avoid having junk food snacks in the house, at least the ones I'll be interested in eating. We could have a cabinet full of chips and most days I could care less, but bring in some sort of chocolate and I turn into a fiend. I can't let it just sit there, especially after a few beers. 

Actually, I didn't drink at all for about five years in my 30's and I still had that problem, so that isn't the entire problem. I just like sweets. 

At any rate, I just wanted to share my one day of success! Here's to a successful weekend. 


Week Sixteen: Diet - Healthy Snacking

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