Healthy Snacking FAQ

I put together an FAQ on healthy snacking that you may find useful or interesting, or you may not, but here it is anyhow.

Belgian frites are not a healthy snack, but you should get them anyway.  

Belgian frites are not a healthy snack, but you should get them anyway.  

1. What is a healthy snack?

Most of my research into healthy snacks has led me to foods that are under 200 calories and contains fiber, protein, or both. I found a lot of low-fat options listed. Jello keeps showing up. 

2. Is Jello really a food?

That's a tough question. 

3. Just because something is low-fat, does that make it healthy?

Not in my book. But fruit and vegetables tend to be low-fat or fat-free, and they're healthy. Also, beer is low in fat. 

4. Are peanut M&M's healthy if you eat only 200 calories worth?


5. Is it okay to buy peanut M&M's the night before a party and save them for your guests?

Yes, as long as you don't have too many drinks while cleaning the night before and take them to bed, wake up in the morning with a blue M&M stuck to your hip, and find artificial food dye on your sheets. Otherwise that's fine. 

6. If there are healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks and you eat some of both, can you focus on the healthier parts of what you ate?

That sounds like cheating. 

7. If beer is low-fat, is beer a healthy snack?

What are you trying to do here?

8. If you accidentally eat a piece of candy the first day of your healthy snacking challenge, are you doomed?

No, but you should try harder, not keep eating unhealthy snacks like you have no self-control. 

9. Is Thursday too late in the week to officially start a healthy snacking challenge, if you've accidentally eaten unhealthy snacks the first three days? 

If that's what you have to do, it's better than nothing.

10. What if your friends make healthy snacks and bring them to your house?

You have awesome friends and should try to emulate their behavior. 

11. Was this challenge a complete failure?

It's only Wednesday. 


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