Next Week - Healthy Snacking

So the week before Christmas is the perfect time to challenge myself to eat healthy snacks, right? 

Okay, maybe it will be extra challenging. And in some ways, it IS a good week to do this. It's not actually Christmas week, I don't have many parties (one, but I'm hosting, so I can rig it), and it's good to break up the weeks of sweet treats with some, uh, carrot sticks. 

I got the idea for this challenge from Dave. You may recall Dave was going to do Insanity (the workout DVDs) this month. He did one workout, but decided to ditch it in favor of running. Dave will be running his first 15K today! It's the Hot Chocolate themed race. Actually, I think I'm running my first 15K, too. I can't remember ever doing that distance before. But it's definitely not my first longer race. 

The hoodie it's too warm to wear.

The hoodie it's too warm to wear.

You get a great hoodie with this race. Too bad it's too warm to wear it. It's a balmy 49 degree here in St. Louis this morning. I hear it was freezing last year when they held this race, so we're pretty lucky today. 

And I am super excited about the new breathing technique! I'll let you know how it works. 

Back to snacking. According to Dave's rules, it's okay to snack, but the snacks have to be healthy. No sweets, chips, etc. We had some debate at work yesterday over a pretzel roll with salami and cheese. Snack or small meal? We went with small meal. 

Look for a final post on not being critical, some healthy snacking, and as a race review next week. 


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