Exercises, The Hungry Turkey 5K and Fasting

Days Two through Five

Me, Corey, Sam, Eric, Majid and Dave (photo credit: Sam Klotz)

Me, Corey, Sam, Eric, Majid and Dave (photo credit: Sam Klotz)

Day two of exercises, I did two solid sets and part of a third set. Then I walked the dog for an hour instead of doing the seven mile run I had wanted to do. 

Day three, I was really sore. Still, I headed out to run my seven miles, but only did three and a half miles. I decided to skip the exercises because I knew I had a race to run the next morning.

Running toward the arch! (Photo credit: Sam Klotz)

Running toward the arch! (Photo credit: Sam Klotz)

Thanksgiving morning, I ran in The Hungry Turkey 5K downtown with Eric and some friends. The race was fine, except I felt like I need an inhaler toward the end. It was really windy and cold and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Despite walking a couple times, I ended with just under 11 minute miles, which is great for me right now. My training runs are usually around 12 minute miles. Then I didn't do the exercises. There was so much food to eat, I dedicated myself to that.

Now I will never have to eat again. It's awesome.

This morning, day five, I walked the dog, then did the exercises again with Eric. I did only two sets because I am bogged down by all the food my body is storing. It's like I'm hibernating. I can barely move. 

I work all weekend, but I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to do the exercises both days. Things should get better, because I am going to fast. 

Time for a Diet Reset!

You're probably going to think this is nuts, because everyone always does, but I'm going to fast for at least one day and maybe all weekend. One of Eric's doctor's had him do a tea/lemon juice/maple syrup fast a few years ago and I did it with him. This is the only fast I know of that is actually kind of easy. 

Easy like running's easy, I guess. But it's doable. And it makes me feel better.

I juiced six lemons, made a liter of green tea, combined the juice and tea in a gallon jug, added 1/4 cup maple syrup and filled the jug the rest of the way with water. I'll drink that all day. 

I think I've done this fast three or four times now. The first time we did it for a week. After that I don't think I've gone beyond three days. The first day, I'm usually hungry, but nothing terrible. The green tea gives you just a little bit of caffeine, the maple syrup keeps your blood sugar from dropping, and lemon juice is probably cleansing or something, or at any rate it tastes good. And you can drink as much of it as you want, so your stomach feels full, thanks to all the water. 

After the first day, the hunger goes away and all the sudden there I have all kinds of free time because I don't have to eat. 

Then I start fantasizing about healthy food and looking at strawberries like they're the best thing on earth. And sweets and junk food don't sound good at all. 

So just a little reset before I go into vacation eating mode. The results don't last forever, but it's good to take a break after a binge, and hopefully it will help a little.  

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