New Challenge: Beginning Snowboarding Exercises

I'm going to try to learn to snowboard. Seriously. Not like when I "tried" to learn to ski in 2011 and went back to the lodge in the middle of the lesson. 

The lodge was warm, and didn't slope, and there was a bar. What would you do? 

With our trip only a week away, I don't have enough time to build up much muscle, but I do have enough time to get through some of the muscle soreness any new workout brings. 

Some of my coworkers are doing Insanity and I've heard more than once that if you do any sort of workout first, to get some of the soreness out of the way, you'll be a lot better off. I've certainly disabled myself more than once with squats and lunges in the past. I don't want that to happen on a vacation, that's for sure.

It can't hurt to try to get a little bit ahead, can it? 

I found a workout on Youtube I'm going to try. I'll add tricep dips, because from what I've read, it sounds like I'll be picking myself up off the snow a LOT. Especially if I don't go back to the lodge right away. 

Here's the rundown of the workout, with tricep dips added by me: 

  • Body weight squat (8-10 repetitions)
  • Push-up hold/raised plank (30 seconds)
  • TD split squat/lunge squat (8-10 reps)
  • Russian Twist (20 total, 10 per side)
  • Split Leg Lateral Lunge/side lunge (8-10 per side)
  • Tricep Dip (8-10)

Repeat this entire workout for a total of 30 minutes. 

Seven days, starting tomorrow! 

My friend Dave (Hi Dave!) is going to start Insanity next month, as his monthly challenge. I might do it, too, when we get back from Colorado. It seems like everyone at work is doing it and I would hate to be the only one not in pain. 


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