12 Week Update

Twelve challenges in and I've tried some interesting things. Some I liked, some I didn't. 

As cold as it is here, anything outdoors is challenging, if pretty!

As cold as it is here, anything outdoors is challenging, if pretty!

Here's the rundown on what I've kept up and what I haven't. 

  1. Exercises - I have definitely not continued this one. No arguing that. 
  2. Decluttering - I have kept this up! Not every day, and sometimes not even every week, but I'm still decluttering. Currently working on the laundry room, as a matter of fact. 
  3. Gratitude Lists - Nope. 
  4. No Sugar - I'm eating sugar, but I'm more aware. I guess it's like being aware that you're an alcoholic. 
  5. Poem-a-Day - I get the emails and I read a few a week. I love it. 
  6. No Social Media - Oh, social media. This week did nothing to change my mixed feelings. 
  7. Exercise Every Day - Exercising most days. Perhaps most importantly, I'm still running a month after the half-marathon. 
  8. Cleaning the Kitchen - Not to brag or anything, but I scrubbed the floor by hand last week. 
  9. Meditation - Ugh. Major regrets about not keeping this up. What is wrong with me?
  10. SNAP Challenge - I'm still thinking about it. I bought $8 worth of honey today. That wouldn't fly if I was on SNAP.
  11. Write Every Day - Loved it! Short things and revising a novel... I think that could work for me. 
  12. Personal Social Challenges - Just started. 

I hope it was obvious from the start that my intention was never to start something new every week and keep it up forever. There's not enough time in the day for that. Still, I think it's interesting to look at it this way. 

Especially interesting to me are the thing I liked, but didn't keep up. What makes it into habit and what doesn't is puzzling sometimes. I think most of us spend a lot of our lives trying to either ditch a habit or start a new one. A lot of research has been done on this, and I've read some interesting things, but I won't bore you with that now. 

The goal with these challenges, and with almost any personal challenge, isn't to create a ton of new habits, but to experience something else for a while, push myself to expand my boundaries, and keep things interesting. In that goal, I've definitely succeeded.