Scary Thing #4: Bugs

Probably not this kind of bug. 

Probably not this kind of bug. 

At first, it was an itch. On her arm, or under her left breast. On her back, hard to reach. Then there were small bumps, with red spots underneath, where she'd itched. Not open sores. More like pimples, before they were popped. After a few days, more itching, more places, more bumps. She went to the doctor. Bug bites, the nurse practitioner said. But I haven't been outside, she said, and there are no bugs in my home. She was not allowed to see the doctor. The oldest bumps flattened after a few days, leaving dark red spots as evidence. When she counted 50 spots, she went to another doctor. He squinted at her suspiciously, as if she'd colored the spots on herself. Then one evening, as she typed yet another string of words into the search engine of her computer, she saw something moving under the thin skin on the back of her right hand. Then it stopped. Then she felt the itch. She resisted scratching and the thing crawled toward her wrist, where it dipped lower and disappeared. She was certain then that she could feel it crawling through her arm, traipsing up a vein, struggling over a tendon. A bump grew on her hand, a red spot at the base. Then something crawled across the back of her left hand...


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