Social Media: Days Three and Four (and reasons to like social media)

You know how you can sometimes get extra entries in a contest by following someone's Twitter or Instagram feed? Well, I fell for that on day three. It was a really good vacation and I really want to win. But then I stopped, once I realized that was probably not something I should do this week.

And I looked at Facebook photos on someone else's phone, but I decided that was okay. After all, it's not as if I could "like" anything. 

Day four went very smoothly, even with the email Facebook sent to let me know I had 31 notifications. Facebook does not like to be left unattended. That much is clear. 

This is the dog after lots of running. She probably learned this on Facebook. 

This is the dog after lots of running. She probably learned this on Facebook. 

Benefits of Social Media

I'll probably go back to Facebook and Instagram after this week, so I tried to find some reasons to justify that. 

In typical internet fashion, there are lots of articles about why social media is bad, but very few about the benefits. So this list of potential benefits of social media is pieced together from my own experience and what little I could find supporting the use of social media.

  • Connect with people who have similar interests. I love this about Facebook. I am much more aware of the readers, runners, hikers, travelers, etc., in the far reaches of my social circles than I would be without Facebook. 
  • Connect with many more people than would otherwise be possible. I don't have hundreds of friends, or even acquaintances, in real life.
  • Organize events. And find out about events. If I have a party, there will be a Facebook invite.
  • Network for business purposes. Linked In. Sometimes it seems like all the successful people I know use it. 
  • Contacting companies via Twitter. I haven't done this, because I rarely use Twitter, but I know people who say it's the fastest way to get a response from a company. Here's an article about by a travel blogger I follow: Did You Know You Can Complain to TSA on Twitter? I did not, but there it is. 

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