Social Media: Day Two (and reasons to give up Facebook)

I used my Facebook account to log into the race management website for a run I signed up for. Which is something I couldn't do if I didn't have a Facebook account. But it's soooo easy! 

Preying Mantis on my front steps, right before the dog stepped on it. :(

Preying Mantis on my front steps, right before the dog stepped on it. :(

I know, now Facebook knows even more about me. Whatever. 

Other than that, avoiding Facebook and the others was easy. I read almost all of my email, though. 

Reasons to Quit Facebook

I found this list on Huff Post: 11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook in 2014. It was written for younger people and some of the things are irrelevant, but I thought I'd respond anyhow, now that I'm somewhat distanced from Facebook, having not looked at it for two entire days. The original reasons from the article are in bold

  1. Nobody actually wants to just read about what you're doing anymore. I'm more interested in what my friends are doing. If they're not interested in what I'm doing, well, fine. I can't worry about what other people want. I just try to be a decent person, act with integrity and not worry about what other people think. 
  2. Facebook makes it impossible for you to stay "private." I have very few illusions of privacy. If I find a camera in my bathroom, I'll be annoyed, but, in my mind, the internet is a very public place. 
  3. Your parents (and even grandparents) are now watching your every move. I'm 41 years old. 
  4. Or they're posting photos of you that you would never want anyone to see. I'm 41 years old. My college friends have the most embarrassing pictures of me, but they'd have to scan them first, and we're all pretty busy these days. 
  5. Facebook is even keeping track of what you don't say. I don't say anything on Facebook, or start to say anything of Facebook, that I'm worried about. 
  6. Facebook makes you feel less positive about your life. This one is more difficult. On the one hand, just because a study shows heavy Facebook users are less happy, that doesn't mean that any particular heavy Facebook user is less happy. Then again, am I less happy? Am I more happy this week because I'm not of Facebook? Was I even a heavy Facebook user to begin with?
  7. The "friend suggestions" tell you to befriend people you don't even know. I ignore this, but I'd love to know how Facebook comes to suggest the people they suggest. Maybe I'll research that. 
  8. You realize you only know and care about only 20 people out of your 1,000 friends. My first number would be much higher and I'm pretty sure my total number of friends is lower. But the idea is generally right. Still, I don't think this is a valid reason to give something up. 
  9. Your friends keep announcing their engagements. I am 41 years old and married, so this isn't a problem for me, but I also went to five weddings last year. I'm hoping for a quieter 2015.
  10. The excessive ads are about to ruin the whole experience. Couldn't you say this about life in general?
  11. It makes getting over a breakup really hard. I've been married for almost 11 years. I've never had to break up on Facebook and I hope I never do!

I'll be 42 in 11 days and I realized after I typed this up that I put "42" instead of "41" all the way through. I guess I'm practicing, but do I really want to rush that? Hell no. 

And, to be honest, I'm glad this week isn't going to cause me to miss my Facebook birthday, because seeing all those "Happy Birthdays" roll in is pretty neat. When you're 42. 

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