Poems: A Week Well Spent

A week of reading poems left me feeling entertained and more engaged with the world of poetry. I love the sort of warm glow it gives to the rest of my life.

I'm the sort of person who reads the blurbs at museums and the bios on the back of books, hoping to gain more understanding about the work and to be able to place the work in a greater social context. Whenever I look at something on a deeper-than-surface level, I feel better about my understanding of life. A cursory reading or viewing doesn't do that for me, but when I stop to think about how a piece of writing or art fits into the world of art and what it says about life, the world feels magical to me. 

Cats love boxes more than poetry, but they take their boxes just as seriously. 

Cats love boxes more than poetry, but they take their boxes just as seriously. 

And anything that makes the world feel magical is worthwhile in my book. I'm very glad that this challenge got me thinking about poetry again. I plan to stay subscribed to poets.org "Poem-a-Day" feature. Most days, I'm sure I'll just read and it won't go any further than that, but if I'm not even reading poetry, there's no chance it will affect me, and I'd like to leave that door open. 

Looking back at my previous challenges, I see that I haven't been especially successful at carrying them forward. I did the plank for maybe a week or so after the challenge, then let it drop. I haven't gotten rid of anything since my decluttering week, and I've actually brought more stuff into the house, taken from someone else's decluttering efforts. I'm not thinking about gratitude any more than I was before; I think that challenge had zero effect on me. Ugh, am I an ungrateful person? I am still eating less sugar and I'm much more aware of the sugar content of various foods. We'll see if I continue to think about that as time goes on and the challenges change. 

Whether or not anything else holds, I really hope the poetry habit takes. 

Week Five: Creative - Poem-A-Day

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  2. Extra Poem - I Am Vertical
  3. Day Two - Non-lieux
  4. Extra Poem - Bring on the Goddamn Cat
  5. Day Three - As a Portent
  6. Extra Poem - To Autumn
  7. Day Four - Playback
  8. Day Five - Last Night
  9. Day Six - Black Cat
  10. Day Seven - Weave In, My Hardy Life
  11. Extra Poems
  12. Conclusion