Poems: Day Five - 'Last Night,' by Michael Broder

Confessional? I guess so. Easy to understand and relate to? Definitely.

Today's poem is 'Last Night,' by Michael Broder. Three one-sentence stanzas, varying number of lines per stanza (could be a form, for all I know) about a dream. 

He perfectly captures the logical yet illogical dreamworld with lines such as "the past seemed important." Even though the elements are disconnected, they do connect in a dream I can easily imagine having dreamed, minus the Nauset Beach (Cape Cod) part, because that's not where my upcoming vacations are likely to be. But it helps paint the picture all the same.

The last stanza, about searching for a poem by "that name" struck me as funny, because my poem-finding friend responsible for the extra poems this week has been doing that, and she's been finding them, too. And I've dreamed about the aptness of names in the past, and had names from dreams stick with me.

I also like the comma at the end of the title, effectively joining the title to the poem, which adds to the conversational/story-telling character of the poem. 

Michael Broder

Michael Broder

Michael Broder poet

It's interesting searching for a poet online. I find I have to add "poet" to the name almost every time, or I end up with actors, lawyers, contractors... everything except poets. In this case Google was sure I'd be searching for Michael Broderick.

Michael Broder has his own website and a book of poetry that came out this year. According to his website, he is "The oldest new voice in contemporary poetry." Which I kinda like. 

In other news...

Last night, I dreamed that one of my coworkers asked me if I wanted to talk to an upset customer. I said yes and asked what it was about. My coworker frowned and said, "Exploding dog." That would be a nightmare in real life, but as it was, I got out of bed and gave up on dreaming for the night. 

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