More Kitchen Decluttering/Free Stuff

Remember when we lost our good kitchen knife after that party last summer? And it was kinda scary because it's a big knife? Some people thought we should call the police just in case. Because you know the kind of people we invite to our parties. ;) Then we found it inside the deepest drawer of the kitchen, underneath approximately 8 million rarely used kitchen implements. 

Now we've lost the essential part of the juicing attachment for the food processor. And the last time I used it was before a baby shower, almost two months ago. And we have to juice a bunch of limes to make lime syrup to go with the cherry vodka we made. Soon.

So, we're taking apart the remaining parts of the kitchen trying to find that attachment AND decluttering at the same time, and if you're in the market for second- or third- hand kitchen stuff, this is your week. 

Here you have:

  • small cast iron skillet (omelet size)
  • cast iron griddle or tortilla pan or something
  • cast iron cornbread pan
  • lidded soup pot
  • orange fondue pot/bean pot??? 
  • electric wok (cord inside) (might be murderous; Eric claims it almost killed him once, by falling on his head out of a high cabinet)
  • small sauce pan

Let me know if you want any of it!