Cleaning: Day Four - The Refrigerator

Cleaning Week Continues!

Day 1: Clean microwave and oven
Day 2: Clean small appliances. 
Day 3: Wipe down pantry. 
Day 4: Scrub down fridge & Organize and toss expired foods. 
Day 6: Clean kitchen sink and under the sink
Day 7: Wipe down walls, and wash garbage can. 
Day 8: Clean stove top, kitchen surface areas, and floor.

Day Three

I thought the fridge wouldn't be that bad. I pretty regularly go through the food and toss anything we can no longer eat, usually after we get groceries.

Wow, was I wrong. 

Our fridge is an old Subzero that we got secondhand from relatives. It's huge. What was I saying yesterday about space and stuff? Oh, yeah. Ahem. If you want to see that idea in action, come see my fridge. 

Sometimes it seems like there's no more room for food in our fridge. Which makes me wonder, if that's the case, why on earth am I bringing in more food?!? 

Because it's old, some of the icky parts of our fridge can't be fixed by cleaning alone. I don't know what you'd call it, but some of the white parts have sort of become corroded, down by the bottom where the door meets the inside. We once put white electrical tape over part of the mess before a party, so it wouldn't look so bad, because you know everyone judges you on your refrigerator. Just kidding, I know you wouldn't judge me, not at my own home. You'd wait until you safely in the car and on your way home. Then you'd laugh at the pics you snapped on your phone of the fridge, showing yourself pointing at the mess.  

At any rate, I think the only real solution would be a new fridge. 

But I don't like to replace things that still work, especially if the problem is cosmetic. The only factor that might sway me, which is how much electricity our walk-in - I mean fridge - uses, is an unknown. We have one of those devices that would tell us if we plugged it in, but the outlet is behind the fridge and the fridge weighs a lot, so we haven't measured it's consumption. 

Also we spent lots of money, like a thousand dollars, on a new compressor for this fridge shortly after we got it a few years ago. I know that is a sunk cost, and I know how the sunk cost fallacy works. Lifehacker has a good article about it, if you want to read more. Basically, the idea is that you shouldn't continue to make bad decisions just because you sunk some money into a bad decision. 

According to this theory, I shouldn't even be thinking about the money we've already spent. If I find out the fridge is using $50 of electricity a month, I should be all for getting a new one. Even if I feel bad about the money we already spent.

Because it's a trick to feel that way. 

But it never feels like a trick; it feels logical. 

In the meantime, I can keep a ton of beer cold! Just last month, we had almost a dozen open jars of various kinds of pickles in there. Three tubs of miso. Four things of butter or butter substitute, and two of those are actual the same thing, but Kerrygold butter really is that good so I'm not apologizing. 

I'm going to leave the pictures of the fridge big, so you can clearly see what a mess my life is, as illustrated by food. It's a miracle there wasn't a pizza box in there. The large empty space near the bottom, by the eggs, is where a pizza box would go. Usually there's a pizza of some sort in there.



All I have to say about the results is that we've got room for more beer! 

I feel like I just posted one of those "find the 43 differences" games. And yes, that is a very large jar of pickles on the top shelf. Blame Costco.

I feel like I just posted one of those "find the 43 differences" games. And yes, that is a very large jar of pickles on the top shelf. Blame Costco.

So now you know that when I do the "eat only things you already have" challenge, between my pantry and my fridge, I won't starve to death. I wouldn't even have to include the food in the freezer. 

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