Fitness: Day Two (and why you should exercise 7 days a week)

Baby squirrel on my foot in Nashville in 2009

Baby squirrel on my foot in Nashville in 2009

The weather is still crappy and after everything that happened yesterday, I gave myself a pass on running today. Instead, I took the dog for a walk. She was happy to get out, even though it misted the entire time. Probably because she grew up in the outdoors, she hates to be rained on, but the slower pace of the walk allowed her to sniff lots of things and stalk a few more squirrels than usual. 

The trees are turning! This is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. 

The trees are turning! This is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. 

Squirrels can purr, by the way, like cats. I've never experienced it firsthand, but I did once make friends with a very friendly baby squirrel in Nashville. 

We walked around the neighborhood for 35 minutes, very slow, stop-and-sniff-a-lot miles. But that's okay.


Reasons To Exercise Every Day

  • Less Decision Fatigue: Making a decision every day about whether or not to exercise uses up some of your decision-making ability for the day, and if you can't make the decision, you're probably going to stay on the couch. If you exercise every day, it's not a matter of if, but when.
  • Improved Mood: Exercise makes you feel better. You don't have to run six miles; even a slow walk like I did today got me outdoors, got my blood flowing. I feel a little better already. 
  • Better Fitness: The obvious one. If you're active every day, you'll feel better and probably live longer. 
  • Better Sleep: If your body is worn out at the end of the day, your mind will follow suit and let you rest. But don't skimp on sleep in order to exercise. Both are important, but sleep should come first. 
  • More Energy: Once you get used to exercising, you'll have more energy at all times of the day. 

That's all I can think of off the top of my mind. I'm lucky in that I have a fairly active job (no sitting!), which helps, but being active at work isn't a substitute for regular exercise. 

So why don't I always exercise seven days a week? My changing work schedule, trying to get another sleep, and getting worn out from work and exercise (on the days I do work out). I know I can do it if I try. The decision fatigue factor is one that gets me thinking seriously about it. All those little decisions add up and take a toll. So who knows? Maybe this week will be the beginning of a long-lasting habit. 

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