Someone Else's Challenge - Mr. 1500 Hacks His Diet

I love to hear about other people's challenges and I'm sure you do, too! :) So if I find something interesting, I'll share it here.

This challenge is being undertaken by a finance blogger I follow. Mr. 1500 writes the early retirement blog 1500 Days to Freedom. His goal is to retire at 43. If the idea of early retirement sounds intriguing, check out his blog and also Mr. Money Mustache. It's not for everyone, but it's an interesting idea, that's for sure. Learning about it made me rethink many of the things I do with money. 

But this week, Mr. 1500 will be writing about something different. As he puts it, "Hacking my body with a foul liquid diet." Click on that link to read his first post about the challenge. 

Chicago on a rainy day back in June

Chicago on a rainy day back in June

After a business trip to Chicago, Mr. 1500 discovered his weight was at an all-time high (something I can relate to, having just come down from my all-time high). So he's decided to try a homemade version of a shake called Soylent, which I've never heard of before. For the next five days, that's what he'll be eating, and he'll write about the results every night. 

He mentions something I've long believed in - "resets are good." No one wants to drink only diet shakes every day forever. But sometimes, doing something drastic for a while will force you out of your rut. That's pretty amazing, but it gets even better. Sometimes you stay out. 

Since I gave up sugar for a week, I'm eating less sugar overall. I certainly give it more thought before I eat, say, an entire chocolate cake. I've got a couple more restrictive diets on my list of potential future challenges and I expect them to have similar results. It's great in some ways - you learn you can live with something you didn't think you could give up. I'm not saying I'm successfully out of the sugar rut forever, but I feel like I've made progress. 

I have friends who tried shake diets with good results. I'm usually too cheap to join in, but I'll be interested to follow Mr. 1500's progress over the next few days. Could be something else to add to my list.