Social Media: Day Seven

My week without social media is coming to an end. According to today's email, my Facebook account has 44 notifications, 50 messages (I am not the best about taking care of Facebook messages) and 3 event updates. And someone just tagged me in a post. 

Eric just let me know that one of our friends put on Facebook that she went all the way to North Carolina without her driver's license. See, I'm missing out on important things here! 

Cats outside on a rainy day

Cats outside on a rainy day

Okay, so maybe I'm not missing anything important (sorry, writers of those 50 messages!). But I am curious. And I would have liked to participate in a few Facebook birthdays that happened this week, especially my friend, Amy. I've known Amy since junior high school. We went to the same high school, to the same college, were in the same sorority. If you're reading this Amy - Happy birthday!

I've felt a little disconnected at times, but most of the time I haven't thought about Facebook. I wanted to use UnTappd, but got over it. I did use RunKeeper and GoodReads, maybe more socially than I usually do, but not even every day.

In conclusion, I have no conclusion. I don't feel amazingly better and free of some sort of addiction, nor do I feel like I'm dying without the connection. I guess when it comes down to it, Facebook and the others are just something I use, not excessively, to connect with others on common interests. 

If you're questioning the "common interests" I have with 800 or so people on Facebook, it might help to know that I've hidden anyone who posts inflammatory, obnoxious, racist or anything that makes me unhappy. I've put some effort into making Facebook a happy place. And those problems don't crop up in any of the other social media sources I use. 

I won't log on until tomorrow, but if I was using social media tonight, I'd say happy birthday, post a picture of this beer that I'm drinking, and look for pictures of cute animals and fun times.

I guess I'm a little disappointed with this challenge. It wasn't all that challenging, and I don't know that I've learned anything. I don't think I'll change as a result.

Oh well! On to next week...exercising every day.  

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