Poems: Day Four - 'Playback' by Lauren Camp

A confessional poem! And I recognize it as a confessional poem! But I don't know what exactly she's confessing.

Today's poems is 'Playback' by Lauren Camp. 

Lauren Camp

Lauren Camp

At first, I thought it might be about a death. Then an affair. Maybe some sort of self-imposed isolation, or a fantasy about killing a loved one. I don't know.

Lauren Camp is a poet and visual artist, and she has an interest in jazz music. And it appears she also has an interest in sports, because there are some sport references in the poem. 

Take Five

The poem also references "Take Five," by Dave Brubeck, is a 1959 jazz piece written with 5/4 time, which is an unusual choice. The piece has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity. I'm not usually a fan of jazz music, but I both recognized and liked this piece. 

For me, the poem starts with a note of sadness, then moves into an explanation/avoidance part, then into an apology. Even though I don't think I know what it's about, the emotional arc seems strong. 

Or I could be completely wrong. 

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