Photo credit: Terry Smith

Photo credit: Terry Smith


“I feel the need to endanger myself every so often.” 
― Tim Daly

About me and the blog:

44 years old. With the same company for about 11 years. Recently gave up a management position in order to have less stress and more free time. Married thirteen years, no kids, lots of pets. In 2015, I thought I was bored, so I started this blog. I remembered something I used to think about all the time: If you're not failing sometimes, you're not trying hard enough. 

I got bored with the blog, then slowly came to realize nothing was going to change unless I found a way to take home less stress from work. So I quit managing people and started writing fiction again. I guess you could say I tried to make a management position work for me and failed. 

I had forgotten about the tag line on this blog until I opened it up to post again. It's a good thing to keep in mind, especially if you are failing, if you can remember. Add this to my existing list of failures. I've failed at a job or two (now three?). I once failed to train for a marathon, after I'd signed up and paid for it. I've failed to keep a clean house and failed at many gardening projects. I'm failing my Meyer lemon tree right now. I've failed in so many writing endeavors, I was once able to cover an entire wall with rejection letters. I failed to finish writing any of the novels I started writing. I failed at acting, and that was a HUGE challenge for not-exactly-outgoing me. I failed to learn how to play the guitar, and the piano. 

But in order to fail at those things, I had first had to challenge myself to try. Sure, life is easier when I'm not challenging myself, but...

Easy is boring. 

My last solution for boredom was 52 small, one-week challenges, mixed in with some bigger challenges. The current solution is writing fiction and blogging about what I'm doing. Maybe some updates on the previous challenges. 

Why blog about it? I hope to find a community of like-minded individuals who like challenges and aren't afraid to grow, so we can support and challenge each other in this thing called life.

I first thought about starting a blog years ago, but I didn't know what to write about. I think I even started an "urban gardening" blog at one point on Wordpress, but I didn't write much. I thought about starting a blog about writing fiction, but never did. Rethinking that now, I guess. 

Part of the problem at that point was that I didn't read very many blogs, so I didn't have any real ideas about how a blog could or should go. And I firmly believe you should read what you want to write. I read and write fiction. I should read and write blogs. But I didn't read blogs and eventually, I forgot about writing one. 

Then I discovered the world of personal finance blogs. I don't remember how I ran across The Simple Dollar and Get Rich Slowly, but once I started reading those blogs, I was hooked. My finance reading has since branched out into more extreme blogs like Mr. Money Mustache, J. Money, and Frugalwoods, and now I'm into travel hacking, as well, so I read blogs like Mommy Points, Everywhere Once and View From the Wing. But if you're only going to follow one blog, I suggest Traveling Cats. I'm working on getting some fitness blogs in the mix, too, and some beer blogs. There's a lot of good stuff out there! 

So last August, I could finally say I had a better grasp on blogging, gained by reading lots of blogs. I was thinking about starting one again, but still didn't have a good idea. Then one of my friends, Dave, told me about the personal month-long challenges he was doing, things like running every day and not eating gluten for a month, and I had an idea for a weekly challenge blog. 

That's how 52 Small Challenges was born. 

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